Department Goals:

* To communicate with confidence in the target language


* To understand native speakers speaking in different regional accents


* To communicate through writing using a broad range of vocabulary demonstrating mastery of grammatical concepts


* To acquire an appreciation for the culture and literature of the target language

Meet the Department:

Mrs. Anamaria HogueWorld Languages Department Chair – Joined faculty in 2004 – teaches Spanish 1, Honors Spanish 3 , AP Spanish 4

Mr. Aaron Vela – Joined faculty in 2006 – teaches Spanish 4, Spanish 3, Honors Spanish 2

Mr. Daniel Fahy – Joined faculty in 2013 – teaches Honors Spanish 1 , Spanish 2, ESL 1 and ESL 2/3/4

Mrs. Sandrine Vilna– Joined faculty in 2016 – teaches French 1, French 2, Honors French 3 , AP French 4


Do the students  have to take a foreign language to graduate from SVHS?
     No, they do not.  

What kind of Spanish is taught?
     The Spanish that is taught is from Latin America and Spain and offers an array of vocabulary used in all areas of the Spanish-speaking world. 

What does a student have to do to skip Spanish 1 and French 1? 
    The student needs to show proficiency  in the placement exam for level 1. . 

How many years does a student need of a foreign language in order to get into college? 
     That all depends on the college or university where the student plans on attending.  But considering how competitive the UCs have become, it is highly recommended that the student take four years of a language,  preferably with the fourth year being an AP class.

Do you take any trips in the World Languages Dept?
     Yes, depending on the student interest.