Department Goals:

* To promote critical thinking and problem solving


* To prepare students to be successful in college math courses


* To endeavor to meet the needs of students of all learning abilities


* To encourage active learning

Meet the Department:

Mr. Dave ShickDepartment Chair – Joined faculty in 2000, teaches Honors Algebra II, Precalculus, Statistics and AP Calculus BC.

Mrs. Anne Trott—Joined faculty in 1977, teaches Geometry, Honors Precalculus and AP Calculus AB, Garden Club Moderator

Ms. Monique Pearl – Joined faculty in 2016, teaches Algebra I and II and Math Lab

Dr. John Svitak—Joined faculty in 2015 (previously taught at Marin Academy), teaches Algebra I and Geometry, STEAM


Can my son or daughter take Geometry as a freshman? 
     Students may take the Algebra Challenge test given at the end of May.  A score of 70% is required to pass.  If a student does not pass the challenge test s/he may double up in math in sophomore year, with instructor recommendation, and thus be on track to take Calculus as a senior. 

What resources within the curriculum are available for students who struggle? 
    Math Lab may be taken concurrently with Algebra I and/or Algebra II (class availability is dependent upon enrollment).  The Lab class is scheduled so that Algebra and Lab are taught on alternating days, which allows Lab instructor to preview and/or review material from Algebra class. 

Is SV’s curriculum aligned with Common Core?
    Our objectives are in line with those of Common Core as we emphasize critical thinking and problem solving.  We do not follow the curricular structure of Common Core. 

How many years of math are required for college?
CSU/UC requires three years, with the fourth year strongly recommended.  Over 90% of  SV students take four years of math.