Department Goals:

* Students will apply the scientific method, using equipment correctly in order to investigate, discover and analyze physical science and life concepts

* Students will enhance their ability to gather, analyze, communicate, and make decisions regarding science information

* Students will develop confidence, appreciation, and enthusiasm for science, so that they will continue their science education and continue to develop a scientific world view

* Students will evaluate scientific information and begin to formulate their own values and opinions about the importance of understanding the role of science and technology in their daily lives and their responsibility to Care for Our Common Home

Meet the Department:

Mr. Lou MortonScience Department Chair – Joined faculty in 2009 , teaching in Catholic Schools since 1987 – teaches Conceptual Physics, Environmental Science

Ms. Debbie Crosby—Joined faculty in 2011, teaching in Catholic Schools since 1996 – teaches Biology, AP Biology

Dr. John Svitak—Joined faculty in 2015, teaching at the high school level since 2012- teaches Physics and AP Physics

Mr. Joseph Baxter – Joined faculty in 2016, teaching Chemistry, AP Chemistry and Honors Chemistry


Is it possible for all SVHS students to meet the UC/CSU science requirements? 
     Yes, in fact the majority exceed them by taking 3 years of lab science. A large number take a lab science all 4 years. It is possible for a highly motivated student to take, and be successful at 6 lab science classes prior to graduation! 

Do your classes do labs? 
    Laboratory activities are an essential component of all SVHS science classes. 

Why do incoming Freshmen take Conceptual Physics? 
    Physics is the most basic of sciences, looking at topics in their most fundamental parts. The Conceptual Physics program serves to give all 9th graders, who come from as many as 22 feeder schools, a common background in science that will be expanded upon over the remaining 3 years. 

How many AP classes does the science department offer?
Three— AP Biology, AP Chemistry, & AP Physics I