Department Goals:

* Encourage an appreciation of previous peoples, cultures and events that have created the modern day world.


* Provide students with an understanding of the interconnectedness of historical events through time


* Develop our students’ cross-curricular skills necessary to think critically, to write academically, and to use their gained knowledge on a variety of assignments and projects.

Meet the Department:

Mr. Nicholas Reynolds Social Science Department Chair
Joined faculty in 2003, teaches World History, Honors World History and Economics

Ms. Dalane BollingerNational Honors Society Advisor & Student Congress Advisor
Joined faculty in 2009, teaches US History, Government, and Marketing & Public Relations

Mr. Michael O’Toole Academic Dean, Theology Department Chair
Joined faculty in 1987, teaches AP US History and Christian Lifestyles

Ms. Janet DonovanEnglish Department Chair
Joined faculty in 1990, teaches Psychology, AP Literature and Composition, Creative Writing, and Expository Writing


What are the entrance requirements for AP US History?
     Motivation and willingness to accept a curricular challenge along with various summer assignments.  This course serves as a gateway to other AP and Honors level course(s) preparing students for the rigor of Junior Year.

What are the requirements for Honors World History?
     The requirements for students hoping to enter Honors World History are a B or better in AP US History, A- or better in English 10 and teacher recommendation.

How much more difficult are the AP and Honors courses than the regular class?
     AP US History and Honors World History are taught as college level courses, not college preparatory classes.  Both courses rely heavily on primary document analysis and the writing of academic essays. 

How is history taught at SVHS?  What is the focus of your classroom instruction?
     We focus on both history in the Big and history in the Small.  History in the Big is comprised of world changing events and significant historical figures whereas history in the Small encompasses the history of ordinary or marginalized figures from the past.  In either case, we attempt to focus on Social, Political, Economic, and Artistic elements of history.