Department Goals:

* Encourage an appreciation of 2-D, 3-D and performance art


* Provide students with an variety of opportunities to promote creativity, self expression and critical thinking skills


* Provide opportunities for students to work collaboratively

Meet the Department:

Mrs. Amy Waud-ReiterArt Department Chair – Joined faculty in 1999—teaches Photojournalism, Art Appreciation, Advanced Drawing, Art III, AP 2-D design, Ceramics, Beginning Photography, Prom Coordinator, Tim Shea Day Coordinator, Co- Chair Art Angels Service Club

Mrs. Marla Pedersen– Joined faculty in 2004 -teaches Art Appreciation, Advanced Painting, Art III, Sculpture, Advanced Painting, Co-chair Art Angels Service Club

Ms. Lissa Ferreira – Joined faculty in 2014- teaches Drama 1-4, directs school production, PR Specialist

Mr. Nick Hoffman– Joined faculty in 2010 – teaches Digital Film

Ms. Laura Schneider – Joined faculty in 2016 – teaches Jazz Ensemble


Why don’t freshmen take an Art class? 
    9th graders are able to take Jazz Ensemble or Drama I. They are able to participate in the Art Angels service club, if they are interested in making art as a 9th grader. Freshmen take Speech or Intro to Computers to better pre- pare them for their academic expectations. 

How much more difficult is AP 2-D design than Art III? 
    The AP course has a college level curriculum. The portfolio consists of 29 original 2-d pieces that are sent to  College board in Utah in May each year. 5 of the pieces are graded on quality, 12 are breadth and 12 are con centra-tion. Each student creates a personal theme and portfolio depending on their strengths. 

Do freshmen get to perform in the school production? 
    The prerequisite to be in the production is Drama I. However, if the Drama I class is feeling ready, they may be able to perform a “pre-show” for the spring school production or participate in an informal presentation.