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JV Baseball

Head Coach, Daniel McCarthy
Record: 10 – 10
2017 Season
2/24/20173:30 PMCredoSt. Vincent HSWin
2/28/20173:30 PMMiddletownSt. Vincent HSLoss
3/8/20173:30 PMMiddletownMiddletown HSLoss
3/10/20173:30 PMCloverdaleCloverdale HSWin
3/15/20174:00 PMLower LakeSt. Vincent HS10-1Win
3/17/20174:00 PMSt. HelenaSt. Helena HSLoss
3/30/20174:00 PMCasa Grande FroshCasa Grande HSLoss
4/1/20171:00 PMRancho Cotate FroshSt. Vincent HS9-8Win
4/5/20174:00 PMAnaly FroshAnaly HS1-5Loss
4/12/20174;00 PMSonoma Valley FroshSonoma Valley HSLoss
4/15/20171:00 PMUkiah FroshSt. Vincent HSWin
4/19/20174:00 PMPetaluma FroshSt. Vincent HSWin
4/22/20171:00 PMCasa Grande FroshSt. Vincent HSLoss
4/24/20174:00 PMWindsor FroshKeiser Park, WindsorWin
4/26/20174:00 PMRancho Cotate FroshTechnology Middle SchoolWin
4/29/20171:00 PMAnaly FroshSt. Vincent HSWin
5/3/20174:00 PMWindsor FroshSt. Vincent HSLoss
5/6/20171:00 PMSonoma Valley FroshSt. Vincent HSLoss
5/8/20174:00 PMPetaluma FroshSt. Vincent HSWin
5/10/20174:00 PMUkiah FroshUkiah HSLoss

Varsity Baseball

Head Coach, Gary Galloway
Record: 20– 6, 10-0 League
2017 Season -- LEAGUE CHAMPIONS!!!
2/22/20173:30 PMThe Bay SchoolSt. Vincent HS4-2Win
2/25/201711:00 AMBranson (Scrimmage)St. Vincent HS
3/01/20173:30 PMFort BraggSt. Vincent HS4-2WinWinning pitcher - Reno Nalducci (6 strikeouts); Eric Riley 1x3, double, RBI; Gio Antonini 1x3, double, RBI
3/03/20173:30 PMBentley (Scrimmage)St. Vincent HS
3/08/20173:30 PMStuart HallSt. Vincent HS5-3WinWinning pitcher of record - Ethan Rapoport; Reno Nalducci 2x3, 2B, 2RBI; Gio Antonini 1x3, HR
3/10/20173:30 PMLick WilmerdingSt. Vincent HS7-9LossLosing pitcher of record - Jack Romano; Leading hitters - Gio Antonini 2x4, RBI; Trent Free 1x2 RBI; Michael Davis 1x3 RBI
3/15/20174:00 PMMiddletownMiddletown HS11-9 (10 innings)Win
3/17/20177:00 PMSt. HelenaSt. Helena HS2-4Loss
3/24/20174:00 PMPavioni Invitational - St. BernardFort Bragg High School5-1Win
3/25/2017TBAPavioni Invitational -
Fort Bragg High School2-13Loss
3/25/2017TBAPavioni Invitational -- Fort BraggFort Bragg High School 0-3Loss
3/29/20174:00 PMCloverdaleSt. Vincent HS5-3WinWinning pitcher of record - Jack Romano; Leading hitters - Reno Nalducci 4x4, 2x2B, 3B, RBI; Jack Romano 2x3, 2B, 2RBI; Matt Pierson 2x3, RBI
4/5/20174:00 PMArchbishop HannaHanna23-0WinWinning pitcher of record -- Ethan Rapoport; Leading hitters -- Reno Nalducci 4x5, 2 doubles; 2RBI; Jack Romano 3x4, triple, 5RBI
4/7/20174:00 PMVacaville ChristianVacaville Christian HS7-0LossLosing pitcher of record - Jack Romano
4/11/20174:00 PMBerean ChristianYgnacio Valley HS4-2WinWinning pitcher of record -- Jack Romano (5 strikeouts, no earned runs); Leading hitters -- Gio Antonini 1x3,RBI; Matt Pierson 1x2,RBI; Nick Murphy 1x2, RBI
4/13/20174;00 PMTechnologySt. Vincent HS14-2WinWinning pitcher of record -- Ethan Rapoport; Leading hitters -- Gio Antonini 3x4, Home Run, 4RBI; Michael Davis 2x2, Double, 2RBI; Reno Nalducci 1x3, 3RBI
4/21/20174:00 PMTomalesSt. Vincent HS9-0WinWinning pitcher of record - Ethan Rapoport (combined no-hitter with Gio Antonini); Leading hitters -- AJ Fetter 2x2, RBI; Gio Antonini 1x3, triple, RBI
4/25/20174:00 PMRincon Valley ChristianRincon Valley Christian HS5-1WinWinning pitcher of record - Jack Romano; Leading hitters -Michael Davis 2x4, RBI; Nick Murphy 2x3, double, RBI; Reno Nalducci 1x3, 2RBI
4/28/20174:00 PMUpper LakeSt. Vincent HS6-1WinWinning pitcher of record - Ethan Rapoport; Leading hitters - Matt Pierson 3x4, double, 2RBI; Nick Murphy 3x3, 2RBI
5/2/20174:00 PMTechnologyTechnology Middle School7-1Win
5/4/20175:30 PMSonoma AcademyDoyle Park14-0WinWinning pitcher of record - Jack Romano; Leading hitter - Reno Nalducci 2x5, 3RBI
5/5/20174:00 PMSonoma AcademySt. Vincent HS3-1Win
5/9/20174:00 PM`TomalesTomales HS11-3Win
5/12/20174:00PMRincon Valley ChristianSt. Vincent HS3-2Win
5/16/20174:00 PMUpper Lake Upper Lake HS8-7 (9 innings)Win
5/24/20175:00 PMNCS First Round -TechnologySt. Vincent HS6-1Win
5/27/20173:00 PMNCS Quarterfinal - SF UniversitySt. Vincent HS
5/31/20175:00 PMNCS Semifinal- AthenianAthenian HS1-5Loss