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Christian Lifestyles.  The senior Theology class is designed to explore the idea of relationships. Throughout the semester, students will discuss and think about this theme. Relationships with ourselves, with others, and with God are the vehicles used to explore decisions, consequences, and the moral compass that the Catholic Church offers. This is the place where an open environment of inquiry allows students to explore their daily lives and consider consequences without having to live with them. A goal of the course is for the students to reflect on their daily lives and their relationships with others. Investigation of the New Testament, and discussion as to the place prayer has in their lives is a component of each unit. Building upon their relationships with themselves, others, and God, the units for the semester will examine friendship, love, dating, sex, effective communication in relationships, and life vocations. An important theme is how faith is challenged by what media and culture portrays. Several films will be watched and discussed within the context of relationships.   

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