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Honors French III is an upper-level course designed not only to review, but also to refine and expand, the four basic language skills already acquired in French I and French II: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Speaking is stressed in the classroom, with the class being conducted in the target language the majority of the time. Grammar is challenging at this level. Students read a wide variety of topics, including francophone culture, art, history, travel, and current events in the textbook and on-line. Students see several films during the year and writ critical essays as follow-up. Abridged works of literature such as Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables and Jules Verne’s L’Ile Mysterieuse are read, as well as the “Petit Nicolas” series of short stories. Students have the opportunity to travel to France over spring break, as frequent trips are held and are open to all levels. Text: Valette, Jean-Paul and Rebecca Valette: Discovering French Rouge-Nouveau (text and workbook) McDougal Littell.






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