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Speech & Debate Calendar

(this is where we will post tournament details prior to each tournament)

UPDATED Year Long Tournament Calendar as of 9/21/13 -- changes to March '14 Quals tournaments

National Quals @ College Prep School, Oakland: March 21-22

Adults: McClay (Friday) & Woodhead (Saturday)

Students: Kylie/Adam, Sara/Allison + Sophie

Friday 3:00pm, Headley car departs SVHS for CPS (Sophie, Adam, Kylie) Parks car (Sara, Allison) departs SVHS for Novato to meet McClay in Novato for 3:30pm departure at Peet's (Hamilton)
Friday pick up 9pm, College Prep School Oakland: Ramos (all 5 kids)
Saturday depart Novato, Peet's Coffee, Hamilton to College Prep School, Oakland @ 7:15am: Parks (all 5 kids)
Saturday pick up at College Prep School, Oakland, time TBD: ??

Friday, March 21st  (Policy, LD and PuFo)

4:30 pm         Registration and judge check-in
5:00 pm         Round 1
7:00 pm         Round 2

Saturday, March 22nd (LD, PuFo, Policy, Congress)

8:00 am         Registration and Judge check-in for Policy and Congress
8:30 am         Round 3 Policy, LD and PuFo; Congress Prelim Session
10:30 am       Round 4 Policy, LD and PuFo
12:30 pm       Round 5 Policy, LD and PuFo
1:30 pm         Congress Final Session
2:30 pm         Round 6 Policy, LD and PuFo
4:30 pm         Round 7 Policy, LD and PuFo
6:30 pm         Round 8 Policy, LD and PuFo; CONGRESS AWARDS
8:30 pm         DEBATE AWARDS

NDCA National Championship: April 11-14, 2014
Adult: McClay
Students: Ricky/Adam 

LM driving to/from airport

4/11: Southwest # 602 departs OAK 12:55pm, arrives SLC 3:35pm
4/14: Southwest # 2440 departs SLC 1:40pm, arrives OAK 2:30pm

Hotel: Sumit Hotel and Conference Center, Ogden, UT (801) 627-1190

State Championship: April 25-27: Modesto, CA
Chaperone: Catherine Hunter
Students: Julia/MJ

Hotel: SpringHill Suites Modesto (209) 526-2157

Tournament of Champions: April 25-28, 2014

Adults: McClay & Woodhead
Students: Ricky/Adam

Drivers: Martin on 4/25, Young on 4/28

4/25 United # 1457 departs SFO 6:05am, arrives IAH 11:52am
4/25 United # 4457 departs IAH 2:14pm, arrives LEX 5:26pm

4/28 United # 3822 departs LEX 5:56pm, arrives IAH 7:24pm
4/28 United # 1033 departs IAH 9:08pm, arrives SFO 11:25pm

Hotel: Residence Inn Lexington/Keenland Airport

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