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THE COLOSSEUM - ROME, completed A.D. 80

Class Motto:  Labor omnia vincit  (work conquers all)

Welcome to World History 2011-2012 - 5th Period


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Cornell Notes

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Term Paper (Due Thu May 24)
 Syllabus and Rubric

Term Paper Research

Term Paper Thesis & Outline (Due Tue May 8)

Handout on Plagiarism and Documenting Sources click here

Example of Works Cited Page - go to Purdue OWL (above link) and enter "MLA Works Cited Page" search

Ch. 1 - Human Origins in Africa

Ch. 2 - City-States in Mesopotamia

Study Guide for Unit 1 Test - Beginnings of Civilization unit_one_test_study_guide.doc

Study Guide for Ch. 5 - Classical Greece Test ch._5_test_study_guide.pdf

Study Guide for Ch. 6 - Ancient Rome and Early Christianity Test ch._6_test_study_guide.doc

Ch. 6 - Physics of Stone Arches

Ch. 6 - Architecture PowerPoint ch._6_architecture_and_engineering.pdf

Architecture, Infrastructure, and Spectacle Essential Questions architecture__infrastructure__and_spectacle.doc

Architecture, Infrastructure, and Spectacle video 1
(At end of video, click on the picture of the Colosseum at the upper left-hand corner of the screen for additional info)

Ch. 6.1 PowerPoint rome_6.1.pdf

Ch. 6.3 PowerPoint ch._6_rise_of_christianity.pdf

Ch. 6.3 Romans vs. Christians video

Romans vs. Christians Essential Questions romans_vs_christians.doc

Ch 6.4 Niall Ferguson Lecture

Comparison to U.S. Republic ch._6_comparison_to_u.s._republic.pdf 

Ch. 7 Study Guide - India and China Establish Empires ch._7_study_guide.pdf 

Ch. 7 India PowerPoint ch._7_india.pdf

Ch. 7 Ashoka's Edicts 

Ch. 7 Trade Routes - Sea

Ch. 7 China PowerPoint ch.7_china.pdf 

Ch. 7 Qin & Han Dynasties

Fall 2011 Final Exam Study Guide fall_2011_final_exam_study_guide.pdf

Ch.13 Capitulary of Charlemagne capitulary_of_charlemagne_issued_in_the_year_802_hw_assn.docx 

Ch. 13 St. Benedict

Ch. 14 Holy Crusades
The Crescent and the Cross Video View from beginning to 12:55
The Crescent and the Cross Guided Questions and Answers

Ch. 14 Cathedrals
Nova Video
Building the Great Cathedrals - Guided Questions and Answers

Ch. 14 The Plague

Coroner's Report Video
Jean de Venette on the Progress of the Black Death

Ch. 14 12th Century Renaissance

Ch. 14.2 - .3 PowerPoint

Ch. 17 The Renaissance
The Medici - Godfathers of the Renaissance

Renaissance Art

Galileo's Experiments

Martin Luther Video     
Erfurt (student) 8:44-16:44; Monk 16:44-25:25; Rome 25:25-34:16; Wittenberg 37:09-49:55

Reformation and Counter Reformation

Ch. 20 The Atlantic World
Guns, Germs, and Steel  Watch "Conquest" from start to 22:30

From Bullion to Bubbles  Watch from 3:00 to 7:00

Ch. 22 Enlightenment and Revolution
Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment PPt

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