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Welcome to St. Vincent de Paul High School
A message from our Principal, John Walker, Ph.D.

High school presents an opportunity to explore our intellectual desires and develop our greatest potential as individuals and community members. We hope to guide you in your choice of high schools by presenting the unique qualities of St. Vincent de Paul. 

We are a parish school operating under the guidance of our pastor, Father Gary Lombardi, and we thereby share an intimate association with the church and the elementary school. This relationship engenders a strong shared spiritual mission in the community.

St. Vincent’s parish celebrated its sesquicentennial last September with 1500 people on Kiely field for mass with Pastor Lombardi and Bishop Walsh and a day-long celebration with the entire community. Two days before that we celebrated History Night in Tillman Hall, and the nuns and priests who ran the school in the twentieth century came back to tell their stories to the youngsters who now stand in their places.

St. Vincent’s is a nice place to come back to. Alumni return to stroll the grounds of the old school and see their teachers again. Many of our teachers are graduates of the school. Many of our students’ parents and grandparents are graduates. More than half of our full-time teachers have been here for ten years or more; over 20% have been here for more than twenty years.

People return to St. Vincent’s because it’s a safe and friendly place where they feel secure in their identity. Everybody is pitching in to help each other out, and the sense of collective responsibility is strong. We celebrate mass together and we come together for retreats as a compassionate and supportive community. The chairman of the accreditation commission that visited the school last year declared that “The students here are amazing; this must be the friendliest school in America.”

Our teachers are intensely dedicated to their students and their subjects. Their personal engagement motivates the classes, and students meet the challenge of rigorous academic demands with enthusiasm. Our academic expectations are high, and we foster an atmosphere that supports a dynamic intellectual life.

Young people flourish in an atmosphere of lively extra-curricular activities. Our sports programs are an exciting dynamic within the school culture. In the Catholic tradition, we cultivate a strong athletic program that is designed to reinforce concepts of teamwork, perseverance and responsibility. The community rallies around our arts programs, and we sponsor an inspiring variety of student clubs and creative organizations.

Now is a very exciting time for St. Vincent de Paul High School. We are expanding our curriculum in many areas and improving our facilities. We are meeting the challenges of contemporary educational developments while remaining true to the traditions that have defined our identity.

St. Vincent’s is a close-knit community with an illustrious tradition that provides an inspirational spiritual foundation, and if this is what you’re seeking, you’ll find happiness here. We are a college preparatory school, and our students graduate ready to succeed in college. But more importantly, we’re about providing a dynamic and profound high school experience right here and right now.


St. Vincent de Paul High School

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