St. Vincent De Paul High School


2012 - 2013

  Joseph Grant - Vice President
Remy Gross
Brad Haller - President
Kerry Pedersen
Patrick Sammon
Pete Sikora
Lupe Vaca Angulo

Ex officio Members:
Rev. Gary Lombardi, Pastor
Dr. John Walker, Principal
Pam Saisi, Director of Finance
Joanne Ferris, Director of Advancement

This Board is the advisory body for St. Vincent de Paul High School.  As such, the Board is charged with the duty of providing advice and support to the Pastor and Principal.  The actions of this Board must be consistent with and supportive of the policies of the Bishop of the Diocese of Santa Rosa and the Diocesan Board of Education.

The general purpose of this Board is to support the mission, philosophy and educational objectives of the School and to help serve the school's material existence and well being.  The Board is consulted by the Principal and Pastor and is relied upon for its advice in areas of its competence in order to assist the Principal and Pastor in making their decisions.




St. Vincent de Paul High School

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Fax: 707-763-9448

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