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Art Appreciation:  Two Dimensional Design.  This course provides an introduction to drawing as a means of visual thinking and communication. Training in the fundamentals of drawing is explored with emphasis on the elements and principles of design, composition, and interpretation. Rules of simple perspective, color theory, lettering, and drawing from real objects in natural situations will be stressed and projects assigned to enable the student to develop his/her skills.

Art III.  Art III presents advanced drawing and painting with individualized instruction in various media. Students will be required to develop a body of work (outside of class) based upon the exploration of thematic materials and techniques for presentation at the end of the course.

AP Studio Art: Two Dimensional Design.  The AP Studio Art 2D Design course is intended for highly motivated students who are seriously interested in the study of art. AP course requirements are significantly more rigorous, and students should demonstrate commitment and accomplishment while enrolled. It is recommended for the AP student to have previous Art 1 and Art 2 classes or be able to demonstrate, through a portfolio, an ability to create fine art. The AP Studio Art: 2D Design course strives for quality of production and experience in the investigation of drawing, painting, printmaking, and photography styles, techniques and reflection of historical influences in design. The course is designed as an intensive one-year program. The course is the infusion of new ideas and is constructed around meaning and an enduring idea.

Advanced Drawing: Theory and Practice.  This course is designed to enable the student to utilize the knowledge of the basic principles of drawing learned in Art Appreciation: Two Dimensional Design. A continued investigation of drawing and painting studies will prepare students to attempt more challenging work in a variety of both wet and dry media, charcoal, pastel, water color, and acrylics. Students will be involved in research and oral reports on various historic art movements: Realism, Impressionism, Expressionism, and Abstract Expressionism. Students will complete written essays and a variety of renderings in the classroom based on these studies.

Advanced Painting: 
Students will study artists ranging from the early Egyptian period to Post-Modernism and further develop their painting skills and techniques through experimentation and manipulation of materials. They will define their own style while looking at the styles of artists throughout history. Students will also learn various processes used in painting such as stretching their own canvasses, preparing the canvas, matting and framing, and presenting art work for a gallery or event. Students will participate in critiques, presentations, and evaluations, analyzing and responding to works of art. This course will build students’ abilities to value and appreciate works of art from diverse angles and form a relationship between art, history, and cultures. Class size: 10 students per section.

This is a three-dimensional beginning ceramics class that will focus on hand building and glazing techniques. There will be some additional cost to the class (i.e., purchasing materials such as clay). Class size: 10 students per section.

Individualized Art:  Subjects are to be determined by student and instructor contract. Time and duration will be defined in the contract.

Students will study sculpture art and artists of varying styles, media, and cultures. They will develop technical, aesthetic, critical thinking, problem solving, and creative molds, assemblages, and structures using a variety of media such as wire, paper mache, cardboard, wood, and recyclables. Working in 2-D in the form of blueprints and sketches, and then3-D in the creation of their design will be a lifelong learning tool in visualizing and manipulating space, form, and high cognitive concepts. This course will involve critiques, presentations, and evaluations, analyzing and responding to works of art, and appreciate sculpture art and artists from diverse angles and form a relationship between the art making process, development, and its effect on communities and cultures as a whole. Class size: 10 students per section.




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