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Principal - John Walker
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Vice Principal - Art Walker
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Here at St. Vincent de Paul we try to create an intentional environment for student growth; intentional in the sense that  our policies are fashioned in furtherance of our school mission and graduation outcomes.  The linchpins of student development are engagement and responsibility.  Our codes of conduct attempt to inculcate these qualities.

Parent - Student Handbook and Dress Code 

Below please find the 2015-16 Parent-Student Handbook, Dress Code, and Dress Code informational slide show.  Please direct your attention to some significant policy changes in the Handbook in the areas of Attendance, Dress Code, and Detention.  Partial hard copies of the Handbook concerning Conduct and Discipline Policies and Procedures will be included in the student planner.

Parent - Student Handbook 2015-16

Dress Code Slide Show 2015-16
Work Permit Policy and Forms

Download the SV Work Permit Policy here.
Download the Work Permit Application here.

St. Vincent de Paul High School

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