Mustang Kitchen Coordinator: Salvador Sahagun –
707-477-2963 or 707-763-1032 ext 138

Lunch Menu for March 20 – 24

Monday – Pasta w/Meatballs
Tuesday -In & Out
Wednesday – Chinese Lunch
Thursday – Chicken Panini
Friday – Cheese Quesadillas


Lunch menu is subject to change

Lunch Menu for March 27 – 31

Monday – Pesto Pasta
Tuesday – Chicken Panini
Wednesday – Chinese Lunch
Thursday – Chicken Quesadilla
Friday – Mac N Cheese

What’s Cookin’ In The Mustang Kitchen?
Lunch Specials sell out quickly. Remember to reserve one at break!


Available Every Day

Chicken Ceasar Salad

Green Salad

PB&J, Ham and Turkey sandwiches

THE MUSTANG KITCHEN…Something For Everyone!

In addition to our daily specials ($3-$5), we offer…

Healthy Options!

$.50 – $3

We have fresh fruit, milk, salads, oatmeal, popcorn and deli sandwiches on whole wheat bread to name just a few.

Substantial Snacks!

$.50 – $1.50

Bagels with cream cheese, chips, fresh baked cookies, Cup-O-Noodles, muffins,and other sweet treats are in the lineup.

A variety of hot and cold drinks!

$.50 – $1

Charley’s Deli Items on Thursdays
*EVERYTHING IS $7.00.  Order forms are due each Wednesday to the kitchen by break with your payment  (order forms are in the front office and kitchen). Your choices are:

1. Ham and Swiss                     4. Salami and Provolone
2. Turkey and Cheddar           5. Caesar Salad with Chicken
3.  Roast Beef and Jack          6. Spring Mix Salad with Chicken
7. Homemade Mac & Cheese w/bacon
Sandwiches come with soft roll, lettuce and tomato, chips and condiments are on the side
*No fee required if you’re a Gold Card Holder.

Vegetarian Options Are Usually Available

Ask us at break to make a vegetarian version of the Lunch Special for you.

Mustang Bucks punch cards are available for $25
SILVER CARD- Covers Daily Break EVERY DAY (one hot item and one beverage) – $500.00
GOLD CARD – Covers Lunch EVERY DAY (one hot item and one beverage) – $750.00
All Available For Sale At The Front Office

Planning an SVHS Event or Fundraiser?

We’d love to help!

The Mustang Kitchen can be reserved during certain hours for events. Please CLICK HERE to Schedule an Event at S.V.H.S. Kitchen tours are by appointment only. Just email our Kitchen Coordinator to schedule a tour before 9am or after 2:30pm:

How to schedule your fundraiser:

Email our Registrar, Meghann Rubino to complete a Calendar Request for approval.

~ Earn Service Hours ~

Help in The Mustang Kitchen!

It’s fun. It’s easy. The time will fly!

We prepare specials for snack, break and lunch each day with the help of two volunteers.
Occasionally, we put on a really big bash like the Tim Shea Day BBQ or the National Honor Society Luncheon.

CLICK HERE to volunteer in the kitchen.


We use the least packaging possible…biodegradable when we can.

Help us out. Please recycle the rest.

Need zip lock bags or plastic containers for a project? Come see us.

We’ll save them for you.


We have not inherited the earth from our ancestors, we have only borrowed it from our children.      ~ Ancient Proverb ~