Mark your calendar and get your tickets. Ignite Petaluma is coming to St. Vincent de Paul High School. Tickets are free, but you need to register online and print out a ticket for the event.

Petaluma Ignite 2 is part of Global Ignite. Through Global Ignite, the presentations at SVHS will be linked to presetations around the globe.

Here’s the line up of enlightening and entertaining presentations:

  • John Walker – How to Survive a Grizzly Bear Attack
  • Jake Spurgeon – The Amazing World of Crows
  • Hisa Tome – “There’s a Hair in My Dirt!”
  • Dale Dougherty – The Maker culture and Education
  • Kara Flageollet – How Joe Kincheloe Changed My Life
  • Drew Hoppe – Why Satire is the Best Form of News
  • Susan Starbird – The River: Petaluma’s “THERE” There
  • Stephen Morris – I Always Wanted to be Big
  • Kim Corbin – Skipping the Life Fantastic
  • Steve Edmondson – Getting Salmon out’a My Backyard
  • Julia Anderson – The Struggle of the World’s Largest Creature
  • Marilyn Schlitz – Changing Minds, Changing Paradigms
  • John Millburn – Living in a Healthy Community – What Does That Mean?
  • Chris Braun – The Long Term Effects of Wearing Skinny Jeans
  • Matthew Porchivina – The Horrors of Donating Blood
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