Faculty Directory

Dalane Bollinger

  • Faculty member since 2011, ext. #189
  • Instructor of United States History, United States Government, ESL Coordinator, ESL Instructor
  • Moderator: National Honor Society
  • San Diego State University, Bachelor of Arts, History (Magna Cum Laude)
  • San Francisco State University, Master of Arts, United States History & Modern European History

Robert Bowman

  • Faculty member since 2017, ext. #188
  • Instructor of Music
  • California State University Northridge, Bachelors of Music, Jazz Studies (emphasis on bass performance)

Elaine Bultman

  • Faculty member since 2006
, ext.# 131
  • Instructor of Freshman Lit & Comp, American Literature, British Literature, Honors British Literature
  • UC Berkeley, Bachelor of Arts, English Literature

Timothy Corrigan

  • Faculty member since 2015, ext.# 195
Instructor of English – Literature Comp, American Literature, Journalism
  • Chapman University, Single Subject English Credential
  • San Francisco State University, MA Philosophy
  • CSU Sacramento, BA Philosophy, Minor English
  • Cosumnes River College, Sacramento, AA General Education

Debbie Crosby

  • Faculty member since 2011, ext.# 183
Instructor of Biology, AP Biology, AP Physics
  • California State Single Subject Clear Credentials
  • University of California, Davis, Bachelor of Science, Biology
  • University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Master of Science, Biology

Nathan Cummings

  • Faculty member since 2017, ext. #132
  • Instructor of Drama

Janet Donovan

  • Faculty member since 1990
, ext. #197
  • English Department Chair
  • Instructor of AP Literature & Composition, Expository Writing, Creative Writing, and Psychology, Modern Literature
  • State of California Credential – English, History and Psychology
  • Regis College, Bachelor of Arts, English
  • John F. Kennedy University, Master of Psychology
  • State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences, License – Marriage & Family Therapist

Gary Galloway

  • Faculty member since 1979, ext. #145
  • Physical Education Department Chair, Instructor of Physical Education
  • Santa Rosa Junior College, Associate of Arts – Fire Science
  • California State University, San Jose, Bachelor of Arts – Environmental Science
  • California State University, Sonoma, Bachelor of Arts – Physical Education
Credentials in Biology, Physical Education, History
  • Played football at SRJC and baseball at SSU

Nick Hoffman

  • Faculty member since 2012
, ext. #122
  • Instructor of Digital Film
  • Sacramento State (CSUS), Bachelor of Arts, Social Science (Emphasis in History)
  • Florida State University, Master of Fine Arts, School of Television, Film and Recording Arts (Film Production)
  • SRJC – Adjunct Faculty, Communication Studies (Teaching courses in Mass Communication, Film Appreciation, and Film History), Santa Rosa Junior College (Since 2006)

Anamaria Hogue

  • Faculty member since 2006, ext. #184
  • Modern Languages Department Chair
Instructor of: Spanish 1, Spanish Honors I, Spanish III, AP Language IV
  • Credential: State of California
  • California State University Los Angeles
  • University of Redlands, Bachelor of Arts, Spanish, Minor in French
  • L’Institut Catholique de Lyons, France
University of Guadalajara, Mexico

Sue Keller

  • Faculty member since 1980, ext. #134
Instructor of Physical Education
  • Credential: State of California
  • California State University, Chico, Bachelor of Arts – Physical Education
  • Santa Rosa Junior College, Associate of Arts

Louis Morton

  • Faculty member since 2009
, ext. #186
  • Science Department Chair
  • Instructor of Conceptual Physics, Environmental Science
  • Credentials in Life Science, Physics, and Administration
  • Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Bachelor of Science – Environmental and Systematic Biology
  • California State University, San Francisco, Masters of Science – Zoology
  • California State University, Sonoma, Masters of Arts – Education

Michael O’Toole

  • Faculty member since 1987
, ext. #152
  • Leadership Team
  • Theology Department Chair
  • Co-Dean of Academics
  • Director of Curriculum
Instructor of AP US History, Christian Lifestyle, Morality, Peace & Justice
  • University of California San Diego, BA Political Science, History
Sonoma State University, Masters of Education

Monique Pearl

  • Faculty member since 2016, ext. #130
Instructor of Geometry, Algebra I, Algebra II and Math Lab
  • California State University, Sonoma – Bachelor of Arts – Mathematics; Master of Arts – Public Administration
  • Teaching Credentials: State of California

Maria Pedersen

  • Faculty member since 2005, ext. #128
Instructor of Art Appreciation, Advanced Drawing, Art III, Sculpture, Painting
  • Co-leader of Art Angels
  • Bachelor of Art Education at The Ohio State University
Illustrator and Photographer – www.ripplestudio.net

Nick Reynolds

  • Faculty member since 2003, ext. #201
  • Social Science Department Chair
Econ Week Coordinator
Financial Club Moderator
  • Sonoma State University, History. Minor in Economics and Psychology
  • Single Subject Social Science Credential, Sonoma State, CLAD certified

Marie Rodnick

  • Faculty Member since 2002, ext. #133
  • St. Vincent de Paul HS, Class of 1998
  • Instructor of Leadership/Religion, Scripture, Church History
  • Meditation Club moderator
  • Campus Minister/Retreat Coordinator
  • Credential, Dominican University
  • CSU Monterey Bay, Bachelor of Arts, English with Emphasis in Human Communication

Dave Shick

  • Faculty member since 2000, ext. #187
  • Math Department Chair
  • Instructor of Math, Pre-Calculus, Algebra II, Statistics, Honors Algebra II
  • Sonoma State University, Bachelor of Arts – Mathematics

John Svitak

  • Faculty member since 2015, ext. #143
  • Instructor of AP Computer Science, Physics, SUES Instructor
  • Physics Club Moderator
  • University of Oregon, Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, Master of Science
Rutgers University – Bachelor of Arts, Chemistry and Mathematics. Minor in Philosophy

Claudia Thompson

  • Faculty member since 2012
, ext. #114
  • Leadership Team
  • Resource Specialist
Co-Dean of Academics
Education Specialist Credential, CA Clear Credential
  • University of San Francisco, Bachelor of Arts in Theology, minor in Philosophy, St. Ignatius Institute Certificate
    Santa Clara University, Master of Arts in Special Education

Anne Trott

  • Faculty member since 1974, ext. #190
  • St. Vincent de Paul HS class of 1968
  • Leadership Team
  • Instructor of Mathematics, Honors Pre-Calculus,, AP Calculus
  • Garden Club coordinator
  • CA Secondary Credential in Mathematics, Biology, and Psychology, USF
  • University of San Francisco, Bachelor of Science – Mathematics

Aaron Vela

  • Faculty member since 2007
, ext. #129
  • Instructor of Spanish II, Spanish III, Spanish IV, Honors Spanish II
  • San Diego State University – Bachelor of Arts, Spanish with emphasis in Teaching, Political Science, History minor
  • San Francisco State, Masters of Arts, Spanish

Sandrine Vilna

  • Faculty member since 2016
, ext. #196
  • Instructor of French I, French II, Honors French III/AP4
  • Paris XIII University, Bachelor of Arts – French
  • California State University, Chico, Master of Arts – French

Amy Waud-Reiter

  • Faculty member since 1999
  • Art Department Chair
  • Instructor of Art 1-3, AP 2-D Design, Ceramics, Photography, Yearbook
  • Co-Moderator of Art Angels
Tim Shea Day coordinator
Prom coordinator
  • CSU Chico, Bachelor of Arts, Art (emphasis in drawing and painting), Minor in English with a supplement in writing
Credential, CSU Chico – State of California Single subject credential

Michele Wetherbee

  • Faculty member since 2016
, ext. #181
  • Director of Communications
  • Instructor of Computer Graphic Design, Advance Computer Graphics Design
  • Colleges of Study – Kansas City Art Institute; California College of the Arts
  • Former –  Creative Director at Harper Collins Publishers; Adjunct Professor of Design at California College of the Arts; Art Director of Children’s Books and Adult Interiors at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Tom Woodhead

  • Faculty member since 2013, ext. #193
Instructor of Speech and Debate, Peace & Justice, Psychology
  • Director of Debate program
State of California, California Teaching Credential in Social Science
  • University of California, Santa Cruz, Bachelor of Arts – Philosophy