Counseling Office

Meet the Department:

  • Mrs. Joanna Paun, Director of University & Academic Guidance (11th/12th Counselor)
  • Mrs. Meghann Rubino, Associate Director of University and Academic Guidance (9/10th Advisor)

The Counseling Department provides support to students in recognizing their aptitudes and developing their unique abilities as they relate to college and career paths, helps students realize their academic and personal goals and potential, and assists students in finding and ultimately enrolling in a school that best fits their interests, talents and life-goals. The College Counseling department not only focuses on college counseling, but also career counseling, personal counseling and academic counseling.

The Counseling team works to monitor individual academic progress and goals, offers guidance during the college application process, and provides standardized testing opportunities.  In the safety of a confidential setting, services may include individual counseling, crisis intervention and referrals to, and collaboration with community resources.  Additional programs include orientation meetings, Junior and Senior College Nights, Financial Aid Information sessions and the Case Studies and College Fair Night are also available for upperclassmen and parents.

Counseling related activities will comply with confidentiality ethics except when reporting is mandated by law (eg. imminent danger to self or others, child abuse or neglect).  The Counseling Department is available at any time to address your questions or concerns regarding your child’s progress and development.