Departments & Offerings


Here you will find the available courses offered through St. Vincent de Paul High School. You can also download a pdf of the Course Catalog that contains the courses and other information as in Graduation Requirements, College Admissions, Counseling Dept. Services, Registration Process and Dropping/Adding Courses.

Understanding the codes in the Course Titles

Each course title also denotes the grade level and course credit. Course titles that meet general admission criteria for the University of California or California State University systems will include a (P). Advanced Placement courses prepare students for exams in specific academic areas for possible college credit upon admission. Sophomore honors courses will include a (P) in the course and will receive an additional grade point in the calculation of the St. Vincent GPA, but will not be recognized for honors status by the UC/CSU systems.
The UC System assigns extra points for up to eight semesters of University-certified honors-level and Advanced Placement courses taken in the last three years of high school: A=5 points, B=4 points, C=3 points. No more than two year-long, UC-approved honors level courses taken in the 10th grade may be given extra points. A grade of D in an Honors or Advanced Placement course does not earn extra points.