Physical Education

Meet the Department
Sue Keller – Department Chair
Gary Galloway

Year (9): Prerequisite: None
One year – Required

Students will learn and participate in physical conditioning, health awareness, and have an opportunity to appreciate and participate in a variety of sports activities.

Year (10, 11, 12); Prerequisite: Physical Education
One-year Elective

This course is a program of individual and team sports which stresses the further development of basic athletic skills. Activities offered include football, basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, and team Frisbee. Weight training and conditioning will also be a component of this two-semester course. Each class will begin with a warm-up which includes stretching and jogging designed to increase flexibility. Stretching will be followed by weight lifting, with an emphasis on strength and power development. After the weight-lifting session, students will perform agility and quickness drills, form running and basic skills designed for their particular sport. Each class will end with cardiovascular conditioning. Students should increase quickness, flexibility, upper and lower body strength, endurance, and develop basic skills specifically designed for their sport.