Message from the Dean

Dear Students and Community,

Before the establishment of institutionalized schools, education existed as a principle upon which civilization was developed. According to the Italian humanist, Giambattista Vico, the goal of education was rooted in three central precepts: wisdom, prudence, and eloquence.

Rooting his own studies in Cicero and Seneca, Vico believed that wisdom allowed an individual to comprehend the human arts and the sciences. With this knowledge, Vico taught that an individual could gain an intellectual understanding of the Divine – the heavenly arrangement of all things.

Learning to Ask What Wisdom Requires

Expanding outward from wisdom Vico believes that education should develop prudence. Prudence is the application of wisdom in real-life situations. Allowing an individual to ask and answer the following question, “What does wisdom require of me in this situation?”

Both wisdom and prudence culminate with eloquence. Eloquence is the ability to transform wisdom into human speech. Eloquence gives humans the ability to share what they have learned and engage in elongated, thoughtful discussions.

Our Expectations for Students

As an educator, I am rooted in this humanist ideology; it permeates my classroom and through my work as Dean of Academics, I will work to instill these ideologies throughout the whole of the community. Students must:

  • Graduate St. Vincent de Paul High School with the gained knowledge necessary to find success post-graduation. This success will, most likely, culminate at the college or university but in many instances, it culminates with travel, service to our country, or entering the trades. I firmly believe that each of these outcomes allows an SVHS student to find success and happiness.
  • Understand how to use their gained knowledge when making life choices. Ideally, a high school rooted in Catholic values will prepare students to seek and live a life of charity, a life of compassion and a willingness to serve their local and global community.
  • Be able to communicate in a social, academic or professional setting. These communications will require an ability to think, listen and ask thoughtful questions. I can think of few better skills for one to possess.

It is my personal goal to work with Principal Patrick Daly and the teachers of St Vincent de Paul High School to understand the significance and power of education while encouraging the development of wisdom, prudence, and eloquence. The role of Dean of Academics carries with it many responsibilities. I will work to ensure that I fully embrace these responsibilities on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

God Bless,

Nicholas Reynolds,
Dean of Faculty and Academics
St. Vincent De Paul High School