Debate Team Qualifies for TOC

SV Debate Team Makes History
As the Greenhill debate tournament in Texas came to a close on September 19th,
the SV debate team departed having achieved a milestone in its already
impressive history. SV debaters Julia Hunter and Adam Martin had earned their
second bid making them fully qualified for the Tournament of Champions, which
occurs much later in the year at the University of Kentucky.  This is the fastest
time any SV debate team has qualified for the tournament. In addition, Julia and
Adam currently have the second highest number of bids across the country and
were ranked nineteenth in the nation as a team in a recent national coaching poll.
This success is a very rare occurrence and speaks volumes to the partnership’s
dedication and skill.
Their accomplishments together are even more impressive in that they are a
relatively new partnership and have only been debating together for a total of two
months.  Hunter and Martin will continue to advance through the year while
hopefully winning even more bids along the way.