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Elements of College Admission

  • Transcript:  The transcript is the record of your grades and coursework in high school.  Check your transcript or accuracy and to confirm completion of admission requirements.  Know your academic GPA, both weighted and unweighted.


  • Testing:  Always check testing requirements of the schools on your list!  Most four-year colleges require the SAT, o the ACT with Writing.  Plan to take Subject Tests if needed.  Most colleges, except the UCs, will mix math, reading and writing scores from different sittings of the SAT, taking the highest for admission purposes.   Send your scores when you apply.


  • Personal Information:  Colleges want to know what you do outside of the classroom.  Write a resume of your high school activities, including any honors and awards, to help with this portion of the application.  (Use the Resume builder on Naviance Family Connection!)  Be sure to describe each activity!


  • Letters of Recommendation: Letters of recommendation offer insight about you as a student.  Most private colleges require a school report from your counselor and a letter from at least one teacher.  Ask teachers early and provide your list of schools and deadlines on Naviance Family Connection.  Always write a thank you note and tell the teachers and counselors your final decision.  Ask teachers who know you best.


  • Essays:  Take advantage of the opportunity to tell the admissions officer, the reader, more about yourself than appears on the transcript or resume.  The essay(s) are your chance to show what is wonderful about you, or to explain what is not so wonderful.  Start early; the essay is a significant part of the application.


  • College Visits: Visiting a campus is an excellent way to refine your list of schools.  Remember you are looking for a school and a place to live.  Attend the college rep visits at SVHS!


  • College list:  Build your list to include schools where you are likely to be admitted.  Be careful not have a list of schools that is too top heavy.  Remember you will want choices!  When you apply you are showing interest; it does not mean you will be admitted or that you will attend.