College Athletics

College Student-Athlete Recruitment

If your goal is to be a student-athlete in college, besides skill, colleges will look at 15 core courses to determine your GPA:

1. 4 years of English

2. 3 years of Math

3. 2 years of Social Science

4. 2 years of Science (including one Lab)

5. 2 years of Foreign Language

6. 1 year college prep elective

7. 1 visual and performing arts

After the completion of your junior year in high school, you will need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center. At this time, a transcript, which includes six semesters of grades, should be sent to the eligibility center from the high school. Additionally, you should have your SAT or ACT test scores forwarded directly to the eligibility center whenever you take the exam. Be sure to read the entire site for important information on being eligible to be a student-athlete in college.