Andy Ochoa


SVHS is pleased to announce its Community Service Students of the Month, Andy Ochoa and Santino Siragusa. Both members of the Class of 2017, they’ve given much of themselves to their chosen community service organizations.

Santino, who attended St. Vincent Elementary School, volunteers time at Boost Camp helping children with cerebral palsy. Boost Camp supports each child in achieving greater independence through an intensive interactive summer camp based on Conductive Education. Although both of his brothers worked at this camp, he says that he was surprised to learn how tough it is not to be “normal”. After graduation, Santino plans to attend Duke University and become a Science Engineer.

Andy attended Our Lady of Loretto prior to SVHS and spends her time at The Gilead House babysitting children. Gilead House is transitional housing for homeless families that offers education and support so they can successfully transition to a stable life and permanent housing. Andy was surprised to find out that she really enjoyed going to Gilead House and that her experience has changed her plans for the future as she sees herself making a long-term commitment to Gilead House. Andy plans to be a musician after graduation and wants to make it big in the world of music.