Congratulations to the SV Debate Team for a great showing at the CSU Long Beach Invitational tournament this past weekend. 22 SV debaters competed and won dozens of debates! Anna Griffin & Kylie Clark and Julia Anderson & Becca Grant all earned 4-2 winning records and only missed breaking into the next round on speaker points. Brittany Gamlen & Sky Doble and JD Cox & Julia Hunter were batting .500 and only 1 debate away from a winning record. Ricky Young & Adam Martin were 5-1 in the prelim debates, breaking to the elimination rounds and made it all the way to the Quarterfinals where they were eliminated on a close 2-1 split judges decision by the team that went on to win the whole tournament. Next up the whole SV team will compete at our first league debate of the year, this Saturday at Sonoma Valley High School.