In an effort to raise money for the renovation of Tillman Hall, Center for the Arts, the Leadership Class will be hosting a breakfast on Thursday, March 1st. All are welcome, parents and students alike.  The doors will open at 7:30 a.m. and admission is $5 at the door.  Students that attend the breakfast may wear pajamas for the remainder of the school day.  Please come and support our school.  Thank You!

Read more about the Tillman project in a recent article from SVHS’ student newspaper, The Onlooker:

A new life for Tillman Hall

By Shannon N. O’Kane

            Tillman Hall has been the heart of the St. Vincent campus ever since it was built in 1962. It has served many purposes throughout the years. It is currently home to the Jazz Ensemble and Drama classes. Tillman is also used for assemblies, masses, rallies put on by the Leadership class.  For many years it has also been the site for awards and the senior class baccalaureate dinner. It is even used as a shelter for students at lunchtime on rainy days.

After such a busy life, Tillman is in great need of renovation; its 50 years of heavy use have worn the building down. The technology is outdated, the kitchen is in need of refurbishing, and basic safety improvements need immediate attention.

“When you see the performances of our jazz ensemble, our drama performances, or the work of our digital film students, it is clear that the talent of our students has exceeded the limitations of our facilities,” says St. Vincent principal John Walker.

With the goal of bringing new life to Tillman Hall, a group composed of faculty members and parents are embracing the challenge to create the new Tillman Center for the Arts. This project’s finishing goal date is 2013, pending sufficient funding.  The approximate price tag is $3 million. So far, $515,000 has been pledged and, out of these five year pledges, $210,000 has been received. The project is actively seeking more financial donations in the form of money or services which can help the St. Vincent community.  In undertaking this enormous renovation, St. Vincent’s is seeking to help better prepare students for their university studies and professional careers, and to make a better home for future Mustangs.

The school’s goal lies within three areas: Academics, Athletics, and Arts. Over the past 10 years St. Vincent has given its attention to academics and athletics through new technology for quick learning, and renovations that make up the new sports fields.  The school now wants to focus on its arts program.

As the school’s Advancement Director and Tillman Center project manager Joanne Ferris says, “This brings great hope to me personally because we need creativity in our future leaders.  Visual and performing arts serve the environment and allow the faculty and administration to meet our mission.”

The plan includes making an area for the visual arts which will present work space for art, including an art studio to display student pieces. Technology will also be provided for the debate and speech teams, which will include wireless networks for people with wireless electronics. The theater program will also be enhanced with an entirely new elevated stage facing in a new direction with new lighting and seating. There will also be private classrooms for drama and jazz ensemble to meet during their class times.

St. Vincent de Paul, provides students with a four year education in social, academic, and spiritual skills that will follow for a life time. This project will be a further addition to the mindset of the students in expanding the imagination and consciousness to open up endless opportunities.

“I love the entire project. I can’t wait to see it in full use – Classrooms, Art gallery, kitchen, theater – all at the same time harmoniously!” says Mrs. Ferris.