Fall 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

This year at St. Vincent de Paul High School, the oldest Catholic high school north of the Golden Gate, we celebrate Our First ONE Hundred Years of educating students in the Catholic School tradition. We also celebrate our rich history, our strengths and our traditions.

Our school namesake, St. Vincent de Paul exemplified a charitable spirit, as he founded the Vincentian priests and co-founded the Daughters of Charity. He was canonized in 1737 and is known as the patron of all works of charity. The Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVMs) founded our Petaluma, California school in the early 1900’s. They were teachers demonstrating the core values of freedom, justice and charity. St. Vincent
de Paul High School continues to reflect these values as students Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve.

Today, we are building on the foundation that was set forth by these leaders. Over the next thirty-six months,
we have identified four areas of focus to distinguish St. Vincent de Paul from all other Sonoma County
high schools:

Catholicity: Our Catholic faith is the cornerstone of our school. This will be reflected in some changes to the
curriculum. There will also be additional monthly masses, as well as more community service opportunities
throughout the school year.

Curriculum: Graduation requirements for the incoming class of 2022 will include three years of a Foreign
Language, 30 units; Social Science, 50 units; a full year of Government, 10 units; and a full year of Economics, 10 units. In addition, St. Vincent de Paul will exceed the graduation requirements of other area Catholic schools by 25-35 units. We will continue to educate students on the many opportunities available in the United States and beyond, providing them with a competitive edge in today’s global economy.

Athletics: A complete restructuring of the Athletic Department is in progress, with a goal of adding more
coaches, who will also be educators.

Alumni: We are deeply grateful for the support of our alumni who have been critical to our school’s success and will be key to our aspirational future. We look forward to strengthening our partnership with alumni as we move forward.

Carrying on our educational traditions is multifaceted. The Annual Fund is an opportunity for our families, alumni, friends and community to continue to support the works of St. Vincent de Paul and the BVM Sisters. There are more than ONE Hundred reasons to give to the Annual Fund.

Gifts this year:

  • Celebrate Our First ONE Hundred Years of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School education
  • Assist in upholding a standard of excellence in our school curriculum
  • Help with providing need-based financial aid
  • Support technological advancements in the classrooms
  • Preserve our ever growing campus facilities

We cherish our history, thank our donors and benefactors that have supported us during Our First ONE Hundred Years. We look forward to a bright future and ask for your help in continuing the mission of St. Vincent de Paul with your gift to the Annual Fund. Please know that all gifts are fully tax deductible.

With gratitude,

Patrick W. Daly

William P. Donahue
Pastor and President