Commute Schedules and Ticket Information

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FROM Marin County: SMART/Petaluma Transit Bus Schedule to/from St. Vincent’s

NORTHBOUND (from Petaluma Downtown/SMART station, to St. Vincent’s HS)

  • SMART Train Arrives at Petaluma Downtown/SMART station at 7:30AM
  • Petaluma Transit Bus departs from Petaluma Downtown/SMART Station  at 7:31AM
  • Petaluma Transit Bus arrives at St. Vincent’s (Top of Keokuk @ Magnolia) at 7:44AM – it’s about a 1 min walk to school

SOUTHBOUND (from St. Vincent’s HS to Petaluma Downtown/SMART station)

  • Petaluma Transit Bus departs from St. Vincent’s (Top of Keokuk @ Magnolia) at 3:14PM
  • Petaluma Transit Bus arrives at Petaluma Downtown/SMART Station  at 3:22PM
  • SMART departs Petaluma Downtown/SMART station at 3:25PM  (Southbound) and 4:30PM (Northbound)

Cost Summary using 31 day passes:

  • Cost to use a SMART 31 day pass =  $100 (either via a separate SMART Youth Pass or using the SMART Youth discount pass added to a Youth Clipper Card).
  • NOTE – If you use a Clipper card to travel on the SMART train, there is NO CHARGE to use the Petaluma bus when traveling to/from St. Vincent’s (you must still tag on when you board the bus, but your Clipper card will not be charged).

FROM SONOMA COUNTY: SMART/Petaluma Transit Bus Schedule to/from St. Vincent’s

  • If you live NORTH of Petaluma, the SMART train does not currently coordinate with the Petaluma Transit Bus service to get you to/from school on time. SVdP High School is currently in discussions with Petaluma Transit to try and reconcile this situation.



  • Youth receive 50 percent off fares (only  for “$100 for a 31 day pass” which starts on the first day of use)
  • SMART uses Clipper® cards, the same payment system used by other Bay Area transit providers.
  • Bikes are welcome on board SMART trains. Each two-car SMART train has spaces for up to 24 bikes. SMART stations have bike parking and secured bike lockers. For more information go to:
    • NOTE: You will need to purchase a SEPARATE Bike Link card to use the bike lockers.  Purchase the Bike link card online – it takes about 1 week to process
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  • Schedules and Fares

City Of Petaluma Transit

If you are only traveling to and from the SMART Station via Petaluma Transit, you do NOT need to buy an additional Petaluma Transit bus pass.  Petaluma Transit bus passes are meant to provide substantial savings for frequent riders.  By utilizing Clipper on SMART and Petaluma Transit, you are receiving “Transfer Credits” that are automatically calculated by Clipper.

For example, if you board in Novato and travel to Petaluma, the Youth fare is $2.75.  When you arrive in Petaluma and transfer to Petaluma Transit, the agency will credit you $1.00 (youth transfer credit), making the trip from the Petaluma Station to school free.

In the afternoon, when you board Petaluma Transit at school, you will be charged $1.00 (youth fare) and when you transfer to SMART, you will then be credited 75¢ towards the youth fare of $2.75 (this is the allotted amount SMART credits youth transfers).  The entire cost of the trip is $3.00.

Clipper Cards:

  • Clipper Card can be used for SMART, Petaluma Transit, Marin Transit, Santa Rosa City Bus and Sonoma County Transit.
  • Discount Clipper cards and discount fares for SMART are available for youth (5-18).
  • The following types of value can be used on Clipper to ride SMART and Petaluma Transit Buses:
    • Cash Value – accepted on all participating Clipper transit agencies
    • SMART 31 day pass – good for unlimited rides on SMART for 31 consecutive days from the date of first use.
      • Purchase a SMART Train YOUTH discount pass ($100) to be added to your Clipper card, by using any of the kiosks at the SMART stations.
      • IMPORTANT: If you are using a Clipper Card to only travel on SMART, you do NOT need to purchase a separate Petaluma Transit Youth Pass.
  • To obtain a YOUTH Clipper card, complete a YOUTH application at
    • Either:
      • Mail in:  It will take 7-10 days to process and return.  Once you get the card, you need to call Clipper at 877-878-8883 and give them a unique email address (ONLY associated with this card – this is because it’s a YOUTH card).  Clipper will email you a temporary PW.  Using your unique email and temp PW, log onto your Clipper account.  Once you’re logged on, you can change your temp PW and add CASH, SMART passes and/or Petaluma Transit Passes.
      • Fax in: (Instructions are on the application)
      • Apply in person:
        • SMART Offices: 5401 Old Redwood Hwy Ste 200, Petaluma.  Open M-F 8am-5pm.
        • Petaluma Transit: 555 N. McDowell Blvd, Petaluma. Open M-F 8am-6:00pm and Sat/Sun 9am-3pm.
        • Marin County: San Rafael Customer Service Center: 850 Tamalpais Avenue.  Open M-F 7am to 6pm (no weekends)