St. Vincent de Paul High School Leadership Team for 2017-18:

In our commitment to allowing ample time in the search for the best principal and vice-principal, we have put together a group of four talented and experienced Catholic educators from SVdP High School who are our  2017-18 Leadership Team. With over 70 years of combined experience at this school, Mr. Michael O’Toole, Mrs. Anne Trott, Mrs. Claudia Thompson and Ms. Kathy Atkinson have enthusiastically and graciously agreed to assume the duties and responsibilities of a principal and vice-principal for the 2017-18 school year. Their areas of responsibility are outlined below:
  • Claudia Thompson:  Student and Teacher Schedules;  Academics; Student Support; Discipline; AP Coordinator; Master Scheduler
  • Kathy Atkinson:  Guidance and College Counselor; Parent Liaison and Parent Educator; Community Service Coordinator
  • Mike O’Toole:  Emergency Coordinator; Facilities and Safety; Oversight of Athletic Director
  • Anne Trott: Teacher Support and Evaluation; Curriculum Development

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