For Seniors

It seemed like Senior Year was so far away and now suddenly it’s here! Get off to a good start by
completing the following that was assigned last May…

  • Make sure you have an account on Naviance Family Connection. All students are required to use
    Family Connection on Naviance in order to have your transcripts and your letter of
    recommendations sent to colleges. Also this is the place to enter your college list, do college
    research and keep track of all your college materials. (Check with Ms. Carrel if you are having
    trouble logging on)
  • Fill out the game plan on Family Connection.


  • Complete a Resume. Use the Resume builder on Family Connection. Needs to be completed on
    Family Connection by September 4. This is a REQUIRED FORM that your teachers and counselor
    will need from you in order to write your letter of recommendation for college and for
    scholarships. Teacher can decline to write you a letter if you have not done your resume.
    Always remember to give at least a two week notice when asking for a letter of
    recommendation and write a thank you note to anyone who writes a letter on your behalf.


  • If you have not already done so, create an account on and sign up for the SAT.
    To sign up for the ACT go to


  • Add at least five colleges to your Colleges I’m Thinking About or Colleges I’m Applying to on
    Family Connection that you have visited or have done some research on.


  • Rough draft essay over the summer. If you are applying to the University of California, a private
    college using the Common Application or a scholarship, you will be required to write an essay.
    After reviewing the essay questions you will prepare a rough draft essay that will be due to Ms.
    Carrel by September 4. Many times the college essay can be the most stressful part of the
    college application process. Getting an early start on the essay can help make the application
    process much easier.


  • Set up a time to meet with Ms Carrel. Your parents are welcome to meet with us as well.


Click here to access the “Nuts and Bolts of the College Application Process”

Click here to access “Senior Scholarship Guidebook”