Graduation Outcomes

“Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve”

St.Vincent de Paul High School Graduation Outcomes:

The St.Vincent de Paul graduate will…


…participate in various learning experiences and activities which seek to encourage ongoing development of their spirituality and a deeper understanding of their relationship with God in the context of the Roman Catholic tradition.

…demonstrate an understanding of an ethical approach to the world based upon the message of Jesus and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

…experience opportunities to discover their God given gifts and personal values.

…demonstrate an appreciation for the beauty and grace in God’s creation.


…exhibit skills and knowledge consistent with a college preparatory curriculum. …demonstrate creative and critical thinking skills and problem solving strategies.

…demonstrate technological literacy and skill.

…understand the difference between information and knowledge by using analysis, synthesis, research, interpretation and evaluation.

…be able to make informed decisions leading to a mentally, emotionally and physically healthy lifestyle.

…demonstrate an appreciation through participation in the arts.


…participate in and recognize the value of leadership in making a difference for good in the community.

…participate in and recognize the value of doing service for good in the community.

…demonstrate a positive self concept and respect for others by accepting challenges and responsibilities.

…show respect for others and understand the value of diversity.

…communicate, cooperate, and compromise to achieve productive goals.

…possess an understanding of global interdependence and how it is affected by such things as culture, political and economic systems, and the environment.