1015131642a_0001_0002The women’s soccer team lost to Sonoma Academy yesterday 2-1. The first half saw the usual back and forth play between the two teams with Sonoma Academy scoring early in the half on a breakaway. St. Vincent responded with a goal with about 10 minutes left in the half. Junior Dale Leonheart scored on a header off a terrific corner kick by Junior Stephanie Mitchell. In the second half, using their speed and precision passing, Sonoma Academy scored once again on a breakaway. The Lady Mustangs fought valiantly on both ends of the pitch, preventing further goals by Sonoma Academy and desperately trying to get one of their own. But, unfortunately, their efforts on the offensive end were not rewarded. This game was as advertised as being the best of women’s small school soccer and did not disappoint in this regard. The Mustangs remain in 2nd place in the NCLII with an 8-2 record and 12-3 overall. The team has qualified for the playoffs and should receive one of the top four seeds.