Links to Key Websites

For General College information:

This is home page of the College Board and contains a wealth of information for students, parents, counselors, teachers, admission staff, financial aid officers, etc. Links to the various programs College Board offers, including a college search engine, PSAT, SAT I &II, Advanced Placement testing, financial aid information, SAT prep., and much more. There is an “SAT Question of the Day” to help prepare daily for SAT tests.  This is the site to get and send your scores to colleges and universities to which you are applying.
Admission information and Online Application for the California State University system
Lots of good information about the California State System
University of California Online Application and information about the UC System
On line application for private schools
Information about the Independent Colleges in California
Provides information about public and private schools in California, career planning and Financial Aid
Information and registration for playing sports in college.  All students interested in playing sports in college must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse at the end of their junior year. An official transcript must be sent at that time and then again at the end of the Senior year.
Western Undergraduate Exchange.  If you are a resident of a Wiche state, you are eligible to request a reduced WUE tuition rate at one of the 145 participating schools in the West.  WICHE states include: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.
Not as complete as the CollegeView propriety program that many high schools purchase, but a good sample of multimedia college tours, a searchable database, and financial aid help.
College Guide with electronic links to colleges and admissions advice for students.
Information on researching, applying, and going to college.
Admissions advice, search engine, financial aid advice, etc.
Foundation for Independent Higher Education – college search for private colleges, admissions information, more
Hundreds of schools’ interactive virtual tours.
The Princeton Review, including an interactive counselor, ratings, etc.
College search, admissions information, test prep, more. Lots of links.
The famous list of ratings! Some critics do not agree with the criteria used, but this list makes big news every year. Pick a college and you can compare up to three others side by side to see the differences. Also test prep, admissions information, and more.
National Association for College Admission Counseling – student and parent information page, and a good place to find listings of national college fairs.
Another college search engine that surveys what you are looking for and generates a list of schools that meet your criteria.
Extensive college-related articles, book reviews, recommendations, and forums.


For specific college information (by state or interest area):

Go to individual college and university home pages. You may also want to go to:
California post-secondary education commission. College guides, policies, reports, online data, etc.
Admission information and links to all of the University of California campuses.
Locates women’s colleges and links to homepages.
An athletic network site with articles from people such as Ronnie Lott and Dale Brown and others regarding topics like turning pro and women in athletics.
National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics regulation site. Gives information on how athletic scholarships work and how to qualify.
National Urban League site with links to academic development, scholarships, annual tour of historically black colleges, etc.