Message from our Academic Dean

St. Vincent de Paul High school is an intentional learning community.

The curricular program is guided by the mission statement of St. Vincent de Paul High School. It is college preparatory; most of our offerings have been approved of by the University of California as preparing the way for students to undertake a rigorous college experience. We offer Advanced Placement and Honors level classes across the spectrum of our course catalogue. These classes provide an opportunity for college credit and college level academic experiences while still in high school. The balance between a student being challenged and frustrated is carefully monitored in partnership with parents, students, teachers and our counseling staff. SV is a value based environment. Every student will engage in a community based service project that is not viewed as an extra-curricular experience, but as a co-curricular experience that enriches their religion classes and gives real world relevancy to the positive potentials that each of our students has to help work for a better world.

This focused direction is not exclusive to the classroom. Athletics, debate and drama are all aligned to the fulfillment of the mission statement of the school.

The learning community is designed to provide access to excellence.

This is an exciting time to be in education for both teachers and students. Information is not the same as knowledge. The St. Vincent de Paul High School experience is intended to bridge that divide.


Michael O’Toole