Due to circumstances beyond our control, St. Vincent’s must regrettably change the date for the homecoming football game this year. Livermore Valley High School has announced that they cannot honor their commitment to play St. Vincent’s on October 12th. Since receiving this news at the end of last week, our athletic department has been scrambling to find a team that is available to play on the 12th, but there is no available program.

With understanding for all the planning and energy that athletes, families, staff, and alumni invest into homecoming, we have carefully considered all alternatives and have decided to play our homecoming football game against Upper Lake on Saturday, November 2nd. To honor the creative enthusiasm that cheerleaders and leadership have invested in homecoming week, we are going to keep the plans to celebrate homecoming week activities on the week beginning October 7th and culminating with the dance on October 12th.

The king and queen will be crowned at the dance on October 12th, and they will be honored again at the game on November 2nd. The cheerleaders will perform their annual homecoming extravaganza at halftime during the game on November 2nd.

While we understand the disappointment that many will experience with this change, we ask that you join with the enthusiasm of our students, who are motivated to make the best of this year’s homecoming arrangements. This decision was reached following an open discussion that involved cheerleaders, athletes, and student leadership, and our students are inspired to sustain the best of homecoming spirit throughout the month of October.