The Mustang Varsity baseball team won their league opener over Upper Lake 23-0 in five innings. Helped along with 5 errors committed by the Cougars, the Mustang offense also came alive with 18 hits. The hit parade included George Sammon 3×3 (2B,2RBI), Max Cowell 3×4 (2B,3B, 3RBI), Brandon Evans 3×3 (3 RBI), Patrick Garcia 2×3 (3 RBI), Dominic Pedersen 2×3 (2 RBI), Liam Galten 2×2 (3 RBI), Nick Vollert 1×3 (2 RBI), and Nico DeTorres 1×2. The Mustang’s current overall record is 4-4 with their next game against non-league opponent Bay High School at home this Wednesday.