St. Vincent High School senior Dante Licata found a social problem and addressed it. Witnessing many of our veterans living in poverty and in trouble after their great sacrifice was not acceptable. He organized a collection for the Wounded Warrior Project during the school mass on Tim Shea Day and he ran a donation stand during the back to school dance. Dante attended Sonoma Mountain Elementary and Petaluma Junior High School. Seeking an academy education or serving in a ROTC program, he plans to serve in the military after college.

Gwenneth Isaacs, also a senior at St. Vincent’s, began as a docent for the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito three years ago. She used to go there as a child and loved the rehabilitation programs for animals. She’s contributed over 200 hours as a volunteer working in animal care including administering medications to sea lions, elephant seals, and harbor seals. Gwenneth notes that the animals are in these compromised situations largely because of people so it’s up to people to help them out of ISAACS, GWENITHLICATA, DANTEit. Watching the recuperated animals released into the ocean is the most gratifying part. She is hoping to move into a career in animal rescue and wildlife support.