Words cannot truly express how I felt after I left the DeCarli gym on Senior Night 2014. I felt so proud to be part of such an incredible community. I think it will go down as one of the most memorable moments for my daughter who has participated in playing basketball in the gym for four years. The positive energy flowing throughout the evening was spectacular. It was so incredible to see the Boys Varsity Team in the stands rooting for the Girls Varsity team like it was the playoff for the state championship. It was so refreshing to see the parents of students who are not on any team coming out to support all the players on their last home court game. In addition there were teachers and administrators rooting them on. A Tuesday evening is difficult to gather a crowd but last night you would have thought it was a Friday night the gym was so crowded.

I also was so impressed with the camaraderie of all the parents across all the teams whose children were seniors. There were emails and secret meetings on what we could do to make it special. At first it was a few parents and then it just snowballed into almost all of the senior parents being involved in some part of the evening.

As a parent of twins, I was a little hesitant to send my kids to what is considered a “small” school compared to the local public high school. I was worried it would be too small for the two of them. I spoke to some of the administrators about my concern and they assured me that it wouldn’t be that problem that there was enough space and things to do for everyone. They were so right. Four years later with two graduating Seniors (both on the college track), they have never had a class together. The first two years they both participated in sports and because of the stacked schedule for games, I was able to attend all of their games.

They have both flourished at the school in completely different ways. The school has encouraged them to pursue their own endeavors and has offered them so many opportunities for growth emotionally, as well as academically.

My kids recently returned from their “Senior Retreat”. When they arrived home with another student they sat in my kitchen and talked to me for hours about the incredible two days they had. They felt such a strong bond with their classmates, teachers and administrators. Hearing them talk about this retreat and their experience made me so proud of them and of St. Vincent High School. They began their high school career as young impressionable 13 year olds and they have blossomed into morally responsible, well-educated, young adults. I knew right then that my children had made friendships forever and regardless of where they go to college or what path they take when they graduate, these friendships will stand the test of time. This moment also solidified to me that every penny I had invested in their education was worth it.

I am happy that I chose a school were the teachers care about my children as much as I do. I am happy that I can participate in “special HS moments” with them. I appreciate the fact than when I make an inquiry to the school about something, I get an immediate response. I am also happy about the community of parents that have now become my good friends. I have made as many great friendships as my children. My children will leave “the nest” and pursue their own paths. I will always remember their High School experience as a positive one and I am left with a great new group of friends that I will cherish forever.

Claire Jennings
Parent of Grace & John Jennings, Class of 2014