PFO LogoSt.Vincent Parents and Friends Organization officers presented checks totalling $106,000  to St. Vincent Elementary and High Schools last month (March 2014).  The monies, $53,000  contributed to each school, are the result of the Fall Live and Silent Auction in November2013 and the May 2013 Golf Tournament.

 Every school parent is a member of St. Vincent PFO with the executive board composed of 8 parents from each school.  Principals Susan B. Roffmann and John W. Walker serve as ex officio members of the board.
Many years ago, there was a Mothers Club and a Father Club.  In the mid 1980’s the organization combined to form the Parents and Friends Organization.  In addition to raising funds for school operations and specific projects, PFO also funds a scholarship award for a continuing student at each school.
Current PFO Officers are Tom Vollert, president; Gabrielle Velez, vice president; Mark Schmidt, treasurer; and Jenn Ferrando, secretary.  Board members include:  Stacey Badaglia,  RD Buell, Mary Beth Benedetti, Steve Fuette, Tony Lombardi, Jennifer Martin, Nicole Pattison, Marie Rodnick, Chrissy Skubic, Laura Schmidt, Amy Wolff