Partnership with Cinnabar Theater


May 31, 2017 — Beginning in the 2017-18 academic year, St. Vincent de Paul High School and Cinnabar Theater are proud to announce an exclusive and unique partnership between the two organizations. This partnership will create a dynamic theater program exclusively for St. Vincent de Paul High School students. Under the direction of Cinnabar Theater’s Education Director, Nathan Cummings, and in collaboration with St. Vincent de Paul High School Art Department Chair, Amy Waud-Reiter, the program will commence with the new term in August. Nathan Cummings is a graduate of both the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts and the Conservatory of Theatre at Webster University in St. Louis. Nathan also has extensive experience as an professional actor and director. He has created, coordinated, and administered theater activities for youth for more than 20 years. He has worked with children as young as 3 years up to 18-year-old high-school seniors.

St. Vincent de Paul High School students that participate in this offering will learn valuable skills that are essential to success in today’s society, such as collaboration and communication, while building confidence across all disciplines. In an era when funding for the arts have been drastically reduced or cut completely, this on-campus partnership differentiates the overall experience of a St. Vincent de Paul High School student from others in the area. The dramatic arts classroom experience will be very unique and impactful; in addition to the drama teacher that Cinnabar Theater will provide to St. Vincent de Paul High School, Mr. Cummings will also invite guest artists to work with the students. This will provide a diversity of learning experiences for students from acting professionals at the top of their craft.

Nathan Cummings (Education Director, Cinnabar Theater):
“This partnership is exciting for us. It is an opportunity to expand the excellent work that we do at Cinnabar Theater, deliver it to the St. Vincent de Paul High School classroom and work with the dedicated students.”

Diane Dragone (Executive Director, Cinnabar Theater):
“Part of our Mission is to educate young people in the performing arts so they can enrich their lives and develop future artists and audience. I believe our partnership with St. Vincent de Paul High School will allow us to reach a far greater number of students; and give students the opportunity for this enrichment that may not have been able to participate at Cinnabar.”

Tom Coughlan (President of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Schools):
“Thanks to innovative and forward-thinking Board members and staff leaders at both Cinnabar Theater and St. Vincent de Paul High School, there was a realization that through collaboration with complementary Petaluma organizations, both programs can be elevated for the benefit of the youth in the community. We are so excited to begin and grow this partnership. This is a fine example of how in-sector nonprofit collaboration can move both missions forward.”

About Cinnabar Theater
Cinnabar’s mission is to present a wide range of theatrical, musical, and operatic works that are relevant to contemporary life and challenging to audiences and artists alike. Cinnabar creates an environment that fosters the experimentation and exploration needed to produce high-quality performances, which can be enjoyed for their technique and artistry as well as their connection to life and living. Cinnabar is committed to training young people in the performing arts so they can make lasting and meaningful connections between the arts and their daily lives.

Cinnabar Theater is a professional non-profit theater producing musical theatre, drama, opera and a chamber music series in a 120-seat venue, under the auspices of the Cinnabar Arts Corporation. The venue is also home to the Young Repertory Theater (founded in 1983), the longest running and largest youth performing arts program in Sonoma County.

About St. Vincent de Paul High School
The mission of St. Vincent de Paul High School is to educate students through a college preparatory curriculum that develops their spiritual, academic, and social potential. As a Catholic school, we teach Gospel values and ideals and provide opportunities for our students to experience and grow in their faith. Our goal is for students to become compassionate, responsible and active members of their communities.

For more information, please contact:

Diane Dragone, Executive Director, Cinnabar Theater

Tom Coughlan, President, St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Schools