Personal Counseling

Kathy Atkinson, MFT

Personal Counselor

Telephone 707-763-1032 ext.141

Fax: 707-763-9448


Toward the common goal of fostering a supportive partnership between parents and school, counseling and guidance services are available to all students at St. Vincent High School. Throughout the year, we will be offering academic/college counseling, vocational and career guidance, classroom presentations, topic-specific small group counseling, individual counseling, parent conferences and crisis counseling. The Mentor program provides support to freshmen as they make their adjustment to high school.

Counseling related activities will comply with confidentiality ethics except when reporting is mandated by law (e.g.: imminent danger to self or others, child abuse or neglect, or elder abuse or neglect). The Counseling Department is available at any time to address questions or concerns about your child’s progress and development.