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Lady Mustangs take the season by storm
By Jennifer Eastham

The Mustangs are off to a great start as games get underway. The team will play bigger schools,
such as Montgomery and Windsor, to help them prepare for their season. Although they are 2-6, all of
their loses have been to bigger schools. The lady mustangs are now 2-0 when playing teams in their own

“I think our team is going to be really good this year. We have seven new freshmen who are
going to be a huge help to the team. I think we have a really good chance of winning the championship.”
Hayley Olson

The lady mustangs proved that they can play with the best of them when they lost to Montgomery
High School 4-2. Although they did not prevail, there were many things that the girls could be proud
of. “Keeping a very good offensive team to only 4 runs the entire game just shows me how solid our
pitching and defense was,” said head coach Don Jensen.

All nine batters in the batting order can hit the ball. The team is extremely strong offensively,
which will help them win games. Junior, Morgan Selmi will be the driving force for the Mustangs’
offense once again this season.

“I find that the hardest thing about being on this team is trying to learn everything. Whether it
being the signs or plays or just little traditions that all the upperclassmen and sophomores know,” said
freshman, Katie King. This team is extremely young, having seven freshmen on the team, but they bring a
lot of talent to the team.

The lady Mustangs still have many things to improve on but they have proven that they can play
with the best of them. This team has the potential to make great things happen.


Peanuts and Crackerjacks: That Ol’ Ball Game
By Anna Griffin

The Mustangs hold a strong overall 10-1 record, after their win against Hanna on
April 17. As a result of high-quality performance this year there are towering hopes for
a successful season. “In seeing our team in these first few games beating Branson and
Lick-Wilmerding, I have high expectations,” Dusty Oliver claims. “I can guarantee going
far in league, and I’m hoping for success in postseason games.”
Dusty Oliver, a sophomore in the 2012 season, was recruited to the Varsity team
late into the 2011 season accompanied by Alex Neve, also a freshman at the time. The
two, in spite of their ages feel that they are just as much a part of the team as every other
member. Dusty is most familiar pitching, but when he isn’t on the mound, he plays
“I’m really enjoying it,” Dusty remarks. “Despite my age, I feel a part of the team
every day at practices and in the games. The older guys are really great at cheering and
picking me up after an error and helping me get better at the game.”
Although only a few weeks into the 2012 season, a strong bond has been built
that is reflected in each member of the Varsity team. “We’re a family,” Sean Curry
responds. ‘We have a great group of guys,” Dusty adds. “We support one another through
cheering, teaching and picking guys up. We also have loads of talent up and down the
lineup, young and old.”
However, no team can be successful without the leadership of an impactful coach.
Head Coach Gary Galloway has been leading the St. Vincent Varsity Boys Baseball team
through victories since 1985.
“Coach is the man,” Sean Curry says. “Coach is an all around great guy. He’s
fun to be around and a great baseball mentor,” Dusty comments. “He will go down in St.
Vincent’s history for sure.”
Due to surprisingly rainy weather a week’s worth of games were cancelled
mid-March. The team however made a strong comeback in their March 21st game and
continued strong into April.



Serving it up!
By Sydney Yarbrough

Spring has arrived, so naturally spring athletics are in full swing. This year the promising Varsity
tennis team coached by Mr. Vela and comprised of 14 dedicated and fun loving athletes has already hit
the courts after preparing for weeks awaiting their season to begin.
In order to prep themselves for their matches, the tennis team practices every day after school at
Luchessi Park. “We run around the park, then stretch every day. After that we either hit balls off the
machine, practice vollies, or play matches,” said senior Seth Thompson. This is Seth’s first year playing
tennis. “I enjoy the sport. I’ve been telling myself all four years that I’d play and finally decided to do it
this year,” said Thompson. Seth, isn’t the only knew face to the team. There are quite a few freshmen on
the team, including freshman George Morris who also does not have any previous tennis experience. “I’ve
never played tennis before and I just wanted to try it out. I have a friend who’s nationally ranked in tennis
and my dad played in high school,” said Morris.
You can clearly see by watching the team interact that they enjoy playing together and have some
great personalities! “My favorite part about tennis is the quality time I get to spend with the team because
I love my team,” said senior Maddie McLaughlin. The team also has nothing but nice and enthusiastic
things to say about their coach. “Senor Vela is my favorite part of the team,” said Thompson.
They have participated in scrimmages against schools such as Casa Grande and Windsor High
School so far.