The community of St. Vincent High School is proud to announce team cumulative GPAs and All-League Selections. The North Coast Section awards certificates to all teams who achieve a GPA above 3.00 and the North Central League II chooses the best players from the league to achieve All-League status.

The women’s basketball team currently has a 25-7 overall record, but as impressive as that is, their team cumulative GPA is 3.75.  Every member of the team had a GPA above 3.50 including Senior Joy Cho and Soph. Olivia DeGraca who achieved a perfect 4.00. All-League status went to Senior Jacalyn Murphy (MVP) Senior Rebecca Dodele e (1st team), Senior Grace Jennings (1st team), Senior Maddie Perry (1st team), Soph Taylor Owen (2nd team), and Senior Ellie O’Neill (Honorable Mention). This has been quite a season for the Lady Mustangs!

The men’s basketball team finished the season with an overall record of 13-15 with a first round loss in the NCS tournament. Their team cumulative GPA was a 3.33 with 5 out of  the 12 members achieving a 3.50 GPA or above. All-League status went to Senior Chris Faulknor (1st team) and  Senior Zack Pierson (2nd team).

Additionally the JV girl’s basketball team had a cumulative GPA of 3.18; the Frosh Boys 3.53; the JV Boys 3.42; the JV Cheerleading squad 3.43; and the Varsity Cheer Squad 3.35. Achieving a a perfect 4.00 on those squads are Frosh. Julia Hunter, Jr. Jessica Lee, Frosh McKenna Wilson-Kay, Frosh Joey Clark, Frosh Cameron Ray, Frosh Eric Riley, Soph. Sam Gatev, Soph. Dominic Pedersen, Soph. Adam Martin, Jr. Joey Wertz, Soph Kylie Clark, Frosh. Katelyn DelaMontanya, Frosh Marika Verhoeff, and Jr. Chelsea Hall.

The Varsity teams will be eligible for “Top 3 Distinguished Team” status for Div. 5 schools by the North Coast Section. The community of St. Vincent is currently awaiting those results.