The Mustangs not only excel in the athletic arena, but also show it in the classroom. The community of St. Vincent High School is very proud of the academic success of its athletes during this fall season of sport. 42% of the Mustang athletes achieved the North Coast Section, CIF standard of a 3.50 GPA or above while being active in the sport of soccer, football, volleyball, and cross-country. This includes the perfect scores of 4.00 by Julia Hunter, Grace Jennings, Dale Leonheart, McKenna Wilson-Kay, Justin Sablik, Allie Fetter, Hannah Sarlatte, Isabel Velez, Zach Pierson, Joey Wertz, Conner Carr, Jimmy Lamerdin, Eric Riley, and Austin Booth. Additionally, the North Coast Section, CIF recognizes teams that achieve a 3.00 cumulative GPA through their season of sport. The community of St. Vincent High School is excited that all the teams during the fall achieved this high standard of excellence. The Varsity girls soccer team led the group with a 3.57, followed by Varsity Boys Cross-country with a 3.48, Varsity Volleyball with a 3.40, Varsity Boys soccer with a 3.28, JV football with a 3.19, JV Volleyball with a 3.08, and Varsity football with a 3.05. Varsity Girls Cross-country met the GPA standard, but did not have a full team to qualify according to NCS standards. St. Vincent High School awaits one more collection of data from NCS in determining whether any of these teams will qualify as one of the top three schools in their division according to the cumulative GPAs. The school will be rewarded a pennant for their gym should this occur. Scholar-athletes at their best can be found at St. Vincent High School and we congratulate them on their success!