Traditions & Events

Project Grad

A 100% volunteer organization that provides our graduating seniors with a Safe and Sober Celebration. Tax ID# 68-0291718.

Project Graduation is where our seniors commemorate their big day with an all night party following graduation. The night includes, food, games and prizes in a secure and alcohol and drug free environment.

Access the student conduct contract.  The conduct contract is due back in the office in May.

How do we make this happen every year? PARENTS of Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors are the Party Planners. If you would like to volunteer download the Project Grad parent volunteer form.


Grandparent Day

This is a biannual event that celebrates our amazing Mustang Grandparents with a community luncheon.

A photographer is on hand to capture keepsake photos for families.

Homecoming Week

The week before the homecoming dance, the campus is alive with theme dress days, decorated hallways, and homecoming court games at lunch time. The Friday before the Saturday homecoming dance, we hold a large homecoming rally in Tillman Hall where students perform skits, play games and vote for our Homecoming King and Queen.

Relay for Life

While the American Cancer Society is making progress toward a world without cancer, only with the dedication and fundraising efforts can we finish the fight against the disease.

Every year our students, are not just fighting one type of cancer they are fighting for every birthday threatened by every cancer in every community.

Each person who shares the Relay For Life experience takes pride in knowing that they are working to create a world where this disease will no longer threaten our loved ones or rob anyone of another birthday.

St. Vincent de Paul HS has a huge presence at this event every year and will continue to support the fight against cancer.

You can connect with the Relay for Life website or contact Kathy Atkinson our faculty coordinator for this event.

Night of the Arts

Twice a year we are treated to a night of music and art! Our Fine Arts department puts on a wonderful evening of entertainment and gallery showings.

Rodney Vondrak Week

Rodney attended St. Vincent High School from 1976-1980. He was diagnosed with leukemia as a sixth grade student at St. Vincent Elementary School and died from that disease just a few months before he graduated from St. Vincent High School.

Rodney had a great love for his school. Even though he was ill and suffering, he continued to persevere to be with his class and be at school. Many days in his senior year Rodney would come to school for just a few hours. Rodney never missed a Spirit Rally. Sometimes, he would have to be carried into the arcade (happily and proudly by his classmates) because he was too weak to walk. Nothing could keep him away from the opportunity to show school spirit.

Every spring the students of St. Vincent de Paul High School honor his enthusiasm and dignity with Rodney Vondrak Spirit Events. His family, former classmates, the St. Vincent Parents and Friends Organization, and our entire school community hold his memory dear by presenting an award in remembrance of him and in the hope that his example will continue to inspire us all.

Tim Shea Day

Timothy Magnus Shea- September 13, 1982- August 25, 2005

The day is held in the honor of Timothy Magnus Shea who was killed in action in Iraq on August 25, 2005. Shea was a 2001 graduate of St. Vincent’s and was an Army Ranger.He was on his 3rd tour of duty  when his vehicle ran over a bomb and was killed in action.

He is remembered for his love of his family and friends, his sense of humor, great knowledge of history and his love of life. He was known for commonly saying “It’s All Good!” On this special day the entire SV community attends mass in his honor, enjoys root beer floats, partake in powder puff football and receive yearbooks. One senior is awarded the Tim Shea scholarship.

Gold star families on CBS 60 minutes featuring Bill and Mary Shea


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Fashion Show

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