SV Debate had a great tournament this past weekend at the University of Southern California. 5 teams broke to elimination rounds and 3 SV debaters were honored with speaker awards. In Varsity: Matt Aguirre & Josh Martin and Lani Frazer & David Kilpatrick (also 5th speaker) both had winning records and cleared to the Doubles round while Laynie Stephens & James Fidler won their doubles round, making it to the bid round of the tournament but narrowly missed getting their 3rd bid on a 2-1 split judging decision. In JV: John Pitre & Drew Hoppe cleared to the Doubles round and Tavia Vitkauskas & JD Cox made it to the Octos round, also narrowly missing advancing to Quarters on a 2-1 split decision. Also in JV, 2 SV debaters were honored in the top 25 speakers of the whole JV tournament: Ricky Young (24th) and Becca Grant (13th).
Honorable mentions go to the following JV teams who were only ONE debate away from clearing: Jocelyn Edmundson/Sky Doble, Max Brennan/Nick Braun, Keelin Dober/Nico Lamaison, Becca Grant/Gwenith Isaacs, Francis Rae/Brandon Evans, and Anna Griffin/Ricky Young.
Congrats to all the debaters who competed at USC and good luck this coming Saturday at the 2nd GGSA league debate of the year at Sonoma Valley High School.