Congratulations to the SV Debate team for a great tournament at Cal which is one of the biggest and most prestigious tournaments of the entire year.  In Varsity policy debate, Laynie Stephens & James Fidler earned their 3rd bid to the Tournament of Champions this past weekend, making it all the way to the Quarterfinals of the tournament (out of more than 200 teams entered)!  Honorable mention to David Kilpatrick & Lani Frazer who only missed breaking by 1 debate.  In JV policy debate, big congrats to freshmen Nico Lamaison & Sky Doble for breaking to the round of 16!

Last weekend at Stanford, both of our top teams, Laynie Stephens & James Fidler and Lani Frazer & David Kilpatrick earned 6-1 prelim records, making them the 3rd and 6th seeds in the elimination bracket out of nearly 100 teams from across the country. James was also named 2nd overall speaker and Laynie was 7th overall speaker. Lani …& David advanced to the round of 16 and missed a bid to the TOC on a 2-1 split judges’ decisions. Laynie & James made it to Quarterfinals and also missed another TOC bid on a 2-1 split decision. One further note: the team that went on to win the whole tournament had only one loss…to St. Vincent’s Lani and David! Congrats to all for a great tournament.

Way to go SV Debate!