St. Vincent had a great tournament at UNLV this past weekend!   Laynie Stephens & James Fidler went 5-1, earning 8th seed and Laynie was awarded 11th speaker out of more than 200 debaters from across the country. Lani Frazer & David Kilpatrick went 4-2. Both teams broke to the doubles round, but the bracket required them to “hit” each other. We advanced Lani & David to the next debate where they narrowly missed their first TOC bid on a 2-1 split decision vote!  Honorable mention goes to Josh Martin & Matt Aguirre for only missing breaking to the elim rounds by 1 debate.  In JV  debate, Tavia Vitkauskas and Ricky Young went 3-2 and only missed advancing to Quarter Finals on speaker points. Keelin Dober was also named 2nd speaker and Joey Wertz was named 10th speaker. Congrats to the whole team for a great tournament.  Next up we head to the Stanford Invitational this coming weekend and the Cal Invitational the following weekend.