Congratulations to Ricky Young & David Kilpatrick for being ranked in the top 25 policy debate teams in the country.  This ranking is amongst schools and squads of all sizes from all over the United States.  The ranking is a result of their performance at this past weekend’s National Debate Coaches Association National Championship Tournament in Nashville.  Big congratulations also to the following teams who qualified to the national championship: Sydney Griggs & Josh Martin, Lani Frazer & Brittany Gamlen and Fiona Duffy & Luz Lopez.  Next up Ricky & David will compete at the Tournament of Champions in Lexington, Kentucky in 2 weeks.  The T.O.C. is the functional equivalent of the NCAA March Madness tournament for college basketball in which teams earn bids in order to be invited to participate.  This marks only the 2nd time (and the 2nd year in a row) that St. Vincent has competed at the T.O.C.!